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  • Learning the piano well takes hard work, dedication and focus. You can speed up your progress by attending our classes and learning with us.


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If you want to learn to play your favourite songs, play with others or create music, look no further.

About Us

Grade Music Tutors teach piano to a range of learners in North London.

Grade Music Tutors (North London), provide piano lessons in the Southgate, Enfield, Barnet, Finchley and Hampstead area as well as music arrangement, production and composition services to schools and private individuals, developing well-rounded musicians who can understand play and enjoy a wide spectrum of music including Classical, Rock and Pop.

Our tutors can travel to your home, providing you with lessons tailored to your needs and combining fun with real progress.
We can create a tailored short & long-term learning programme and specialise in general performance or preparation for exams.


Music Lessons

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Our lessons consist of one hour piano and theory lessons where you learn the basics of piano, right through to time, rhythm, pitch, performing and the underlying music theory, all while receiving real-time feedback.

You will be encouraged to ask questions and explore your inner musicality, so that you develop a greater appreciation of music.